My Happiness Campaign

My office is the most dismal, dreadful cube farm of depression and disinterest. Some days it’s down right difficult to make myself walk through the doors. Not too long ago, I took it upon myself to put up positive quotes on wipe boards around the office. Something struck me today, and I’ve decided I’m goingContinue reading “My Happiness Campaign”

Toe tappin’ tattoo

I love tattoos. I wish I had more… Sorta I have one and it is the world tiniest tattoo. Most people think it’s a smudge and I was able to keep it hidden from my mother for a while under a round circle Band-Aid. I got it in college from a guy named Buzzard. ForContinue reading “Toe tappin’ tattoo”

Word of the day, week, month…

Confession time. I LOVED the Gilmore Girls. It was a fast, funny, smart tv show that focused on a woman my age struggling to get her footing in the world. Other than the fact I did not get knocked up in high school, I related to these characters on so many levels. I remember theContinue reading “Word of the day, week, month…”

Express yourself 

I’m not talking about expressing emotions or expressing one’s opinions. I am talking about expressing anal glands. Are you going to leave here today armed with the knowledge to express your pet’s anal glands? No. Your take away is I don’t have the slightest clue how to express an anal gland.  Why, oh why, wouldContinue reading “Express yourself “

Spring has sprung…

I know it has been ages since I have posted and it hasn’t been for lack of wanting, thinking, or trying.  I’ve started no less than a dozen posts and just haven’t found the right words, the right feeling, or the right mood. This morning, that changed.  Clearly, since I’m here.  I’ve mentioned before howContinue reading “Spring has sprung…”

left of center

I know I’ve been AWOL lately. I don’t have any good recipes to share. No cocktails, no new restaurants, no exotic vacation stories. I just have one story. I got hit by a car. I dislocated and fractured my right shoulder when I was hit by a car while walking across the street. Other than this oneContinue reading “left of center”

cleaning out my closet

Since our snow days, I have continued with the purging of crap from my closets.  I filled one bag with nothing but t-shirts!  Even after this mass exodus, I still have 3 drawers of t-shirts.  THREE DRAWERS! What’s the point of keeping memorabilia if I have no one to pass it on to? I have aContinue reading “cleaning out my closet”