The power of the purr

Coe has been feeling a little poor the last few days and Ginger is doing her darndest to help her feel better. Normally when a Ginger tries to curl up, Coe harrumphs and moves away. Today, she’s taking all the love & snuggles available. #365project #photoaday Since I’m a day behind because of crazy lifeContinue reading “The power of the purr”

Express yourself 

I’m not talking about expressing emotions or expressing one’s opinions. I am talking about expressing anal glands. Are you going to leave here today armed with the knowledge to express your pet’s anal glands? No. Your take away is I don’t have the slightest clue how to express an anal gland.  Why, oh why, wouldContinue reading “Express yourself “

Snowed in

We have been snowed in since Thursday evening.  While I was delighted to have a few days trapped indoors, the one who was the happiest about this situation was Ginger.  She has been curled by my side, snuggled into my sweater, and following me from room to room.  I am getting the impression she’d likeContinue reading “Snowed in”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I’m terrible at the selfie.  I was recently on a flight and the woman across the isle from spent a majority of the trip taking pictures of herself.  I really wanted to rip the phone out of her hand.  Good grief- you can’t change that much in the span of a 45 minute flight- noContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie”

a moment that feels stolen

I’m sitting on my front porch basking in the sun looking at weeds that need to be pulled and pretty little starts waiting to be planted. All the while, I’m enjoying a glass of wine feeling decadent that I’m NOT working. Coe is an evil sneak and is the master of the cold nose to theContinue reading “a moment that feels stolen”