Toe tappin’ tattoo

I love tattoos. I wish I had more… Sorta

I have one and it is the world tiniest tattoo. Most people think it’s a smudge and I was able to keep it hidden from my mother for a while under a round circle Band-Aid.

I got it in college from a guy named Buzzard. For years I’ve known what my next one would be, but my aversion to pain has kept me from doing it. Now I absolutely know what my next two will be, but I told my mother I would wait till she was dead before I get another one. That could be another 20 years. What was I thinking?!  After all I’ve dealt with in the last year with my shoulder, my pain tolerance has changed.

Jewish law states that if you are tattooed you cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery. They’ve loosened this a bit after the Holocaust with survivors tattooed with their numbers.  But in the last 20 or so years tattoos have become an expression of our individuality, our faith and our personal billboard for beliefs. There was a great article in Reform Judaism magazine about two years ago. My mother’s favorite rabbi was one of the feature stories. While he is her favorite, it did not change her mind on the matter.

This past weekend, was the First Annual International Rockabilly Music Festival here in Memphis. I went not only to hear great music, especially Hillbilly Casino, but to meet some cute tattooed fella. I’ll tell you, I think there’s nothing sexier than a guy who looks like a boring banker on the outside, and under his Oxford, is a tattooed rockabilly. While the turnout for this event was just short of abysmal, the music was great. Fellas were in short supply, but I had fun with my friends. Best of all, Hillbilly Casino was worth hanging out in the sun for.


What do you think my mother would say if I brought this cutie home? I’d be delighted,  but his wife probably has other ideas 😄

One of these days, I’ll find my own tattooed fella.  Until then, I just keep an eye out, an ear open and enjoy the show.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”

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14 thoughts on “Toe tappin’ tattoo

  1. Oh…so she’s got a good reason for stopping you from getting inked. I’d definitely give her a lower-rating on possessive-mom scale than our Indian moms. Loved your post – insightful and funny at the same time.

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