Toast Tuesday: A Reflection on Stupidity

Oh the things we drank back when we were too young and stupid to know better. I can think of a couple of ridiculous things I did and I’m sure I’ll be getting a text shortly from my old college chum saying oh you forgot that one time… Since Meg and I both knew we’dContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: A Reflection on Stupidity”

Always a student

To say I was a poor student when I was in school, would be an understatement. I’m certain now I had ADD. I was bored. I wasn’t interested in anything they were teaching. I couldn’t focus on any goal despite all the prizes and bribes my parents offered. When my mother was here recently, weContinue reading “Always a student”

cleaning out my closet

Since our snow days, I have continued with the purging of crap from my closets.  I filled one bag with nothing but t-shirts!  Even after this mass exodus, I still have 3 drawers of t-shirts.  THREE DRAWERS! What’s the point of keeping memorabilia if I have no one to pass it on to? I have aContinue reading “cleaning out my closet”