blue cheese bacon dip

I woke up this morning at 2am. I do that every night actually. I wake up thinking about a tv show, a book, a recipe, or any random crap my brain deems I need to be reminded of. This morning I woke up thinking I bought walnuts for a recipe but never used them. WhichContinue reading “blue cheese bacon dip”

bacon wrapped…

Bacon wrapped around anything is pure heaven. But sitting around giggling with the girls over cocktails you can only imagine how the conversation could take a turn. I cannot put in print all the giggly bacon brashness that was bandied about. What I can share with you is my latest foray into Bacon Nirvana… ThisContinue reading “bacon wrapped…”

some bacon nuttiness

This wasn’t going to be today’s post but these people keep pestering me. It is hard work being so poopular ūüėČ I made bacon again recently (more to come on that little adventure) and I wanted to do something fun with it. Certainly just eating bacon is fun in its own right, but I neededContinue reading “some bacon nuttiness”

mmmm mac & cheese

It was a dark and stormy night. ¬†Not really, it was clear and cool and the kiddies were all decked out in costumes. ¬†How else should I celebrate Halloween than with a few friends and a giant vat of¬†macaroni¬†and cheese. As per my norm, I scoured the web for visual inspiration then set off onContinue reading “mmmm mac & cheese”

drunk on love

I have a few addictions… ¬†obsessions. ¬†call it what you want. ¬†I love shoes. ¬†That love is only¬†rivaled¬†by my love of bacon. ¬†I had a shoe closet built (a shrine really). ¬†Only a select few have been invited into the inner sanctum and seen the shoeshrine. ¬†It holds several mortgage payments worth of pretty littleContinue reading “drunk on love”

Breakfast and BACON

This morning I was ¬†awoken by Coe scratching and falling off the bed! ¬†She was so shaken up and I was trying so hard not to laugh! ¬†She’s such a sensitive flower. It was already destined to be an early morning since I was picking Christa up at the airport. ¬†From there we headed toContinue reading “Breakfast and BACON”