Savoring a new year

I’m a little torn. A new year kicks off and we are supposed to make resolutions to be healthier and get off the sugar benders we’d been on as the year came to a close. I’m sure you’ve noticed, and if you haven’t here’s your nudge, I changed my header. This year I’m resolving toContinue reading “Savoring a new year”

glee finds the library

I’m sure you folks are tired of me prattling on about my love of the library.  But I laughed out loud when I saw this and I had to share! I have season 1 of Glee from the library.  I know.  I’m late to the greatness that is Glee.  I am making a real effort toContinue reading “glee finds the library”

I’m all warm and fuzzy

I write this blog purely for my own entertainment.  Hopefully those of you who stumble by here also find a little tasty humor as well.  The things I talk about are the random rambling of my own twisted making.  I am not paid to tell you about the restaurants I eat at, the booze IContinue reading “I’m all warm and fuzzy”

what are you reading?

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my library. Multnomah County Library even has an app. How cool is that?! I meet some hot guy in a bar and we get to talking about Tolstoy and Gorey and I can just add books to my reserve list right there. (we won’t discuss the rudeness ofContinue reading “what are you reading?”

library time and happy hour at home

Combing 2 topics into one since I’ve been remiss and haven’t posted much this week.  I’ve been busy doing… nothing.  sorry, nothing exciting. So today I stopped at the library to pick up my stack on hold.  More cooking and baking goodness with a dash of color and style. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian byContinue reading “library time and happy hour at home”

what are you reading?

I am constantly reading.  Blogs.  Cookbooks.  Murder mysteries.  Suspense. I love the library.  As I’m reading through different food blogs and someone mentions a great book they are reading I put it on my library list. Today I picked up a few yummy nuggets. Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn Complete Book of PorkContinue reading “what are you reading?”