cleaning out my closet

Since our snow days, I have continued with the purging of crap from my closets.  I filled one bag with nothing but t-shirts!  Even after this mass exodus, I still have 3 drawers of t-shirts.  THREE DRAWERS!

What’s the point of keeping memorabilia if I have no one to pass it on to? I have a couple of t-shirts from college that I cannot bear to get rid of even though I will never wear them again.  If I were to wear a fraternity shirt now, my friends would look at me like I have three heads. 

I have issues of Rolling Stone magazine from high school, playbills and postcards. (Oh my!)  I have books and books galore.  I have a box of hair bobs that I will never wear again and skirts that don’t fit but are much too nice to give to Goodwill (and I’m convinced will fit again someday).

I’ve posted a lot of my crafty supplies on craigslist and soap groups with few takers.  So now what do I do with all this stuff?  I can’t throw it away.  It just sits gathering dust in the basement until I can grow a backbone and chuck it all.

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I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

2 thoughts on “cleaning out my closet

  1. What a cute post. It made me smile as yours usually do. You write just like I figure you talk. Cracks me up. Well, seems you may have more time for purging as I don’t see spring showing up anytime soon. Drat! Margie


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