Home amongst the daffy-dils

Two years ago if someone had asked me what home looked like, I would have a very different answer. Since I moved to Memphis, I have met some wonderful people, but it doesn’t really feel like home. For the last year, each day has started and ended with a walk in the park with myContinue reading “Home amongst the daffy-dils”

Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu

Toast Tuesday has snuck up on me again and this time I really am reporting a failure. No one in Memphis has heard of Huangjiu (sounds like wong-jo) and I did not have an unknown secret stash tucked in a closet. I looked in every liquor store I passed. I asked the one Chinese personContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu”

Spring has sprung…

I know it has been ages since I have posted and it hasn’t been for lack of wanting, thinking, or trying.  I’ve started no less than a dozen posts and just haven’t found the right words, the right feeling, or the right mood. This morning, that changed.  Clearly, since I’m here.  I’ve mentioned before howContinue reading “Spring has sprung…”

worms on a plane

doesn’t quite have the makings of a hit movie, but depending on your bug issues, might be just as gross. I don’t know if this a phenomenon everywhere, but here, one of the signs of spring are worms everywhere. Here’s to spring!  Non-stop sunshine cannot get here soon enough for me.  Though, I did haveContinue reading “worms on a plane”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

A few months ago, I had the fortune (misfortune?) of getting some training at work.  Got to sit in a classroom for a month while someone spouted a bunch of gibberish at me. I have a work little brother; we rib each other, talk trash, share gossip, and snarked (is that really a word) underContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object”

Where has time gone?

While I have been working non-stop the last few months, I have managed to find time to have some fun, bake a few yummies, drink a few (several) cocktails, and eat some fabulous grub.  I’ve been making notes and have the starts for several blog posts. I have taken a few days off work to…Continue reading “Where has time gone?”