Toast Tuesday: the ‘shining

I’m mooning over moonshine. I think this should be a country song if it isn’t already. This week in our Year of Drinking Adventurously, I may or may not have gotten my hands on some “moonshine” that may or may not be legal. A couple years ago at Thanksgiving we did a taste test betweenContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: the ‘shining”

Toast Tuesday: Tequila

We all have that story.  You know, the one where we do shots of tequila and then end up ridiculously sick.  Mine was on my 21st birthday.  So was yours?!  It took me years to drink tequila again.  I was more scared of tequila than I was of whiskey… hmmm… maybe not… I am soContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Tequila”

the old woman and her allergies

Tea cups and tissues everywhere The big chair is my lair Orange juice in the fridge Chicken soup, ok just a smidge A week off work would be grand Except a cold is never planned. The pets won’t even snuggle I’m left alone with my struggle oh, I’m sure I’ll be fine I just needContinue reading “the old woman and her allergies”

home again, home again…

I am so far behind… I’ve got pictures and projects to post galore I sit and stare at a computer until I’m bored I’ve started a dozen posts before I can finish, I’m toast My brain has turned to mush My work is turning me into a lush How I miss my Lula Harp timeContinue reading “home again, home again…”