Solo Adventures

I’m part of a fb group for women solo travelers. Most of what is posted is all about far off adventures and leaving their own continent. While that’s awesome, getting out in your own backyard can be just as fun and beneficial for the soul. This is just a few of the things I did,Continue reading “Solo Adventures”

Bluegrass Underground PBS Weekend 2016

Holy Moly!  What a weekend!  I don’t think I have caught up on sleep.  I know I have not come down from the high of the awesome music and energy of the weekend.  I’m just going to warn you, this post is pic heavy! I’m not sure I can put into words what an incredibleContinue reading “Bluegrass Underground PBS Weekend 2016”

WPC: (Extra)ordinary

Last year my mother dragged (really, almost kicking and screaming-dragged) me on a cruise.  Not a sit in the sun and see amazing new tropical countries kind of cruise, but a boat full of really old people kind of cruise.  I had the BEST time!!  We were celebrating her 80th birthday and this was on herContinue reading “WPC: (Extra)ordinary”

A trip not taken

  Today’s prompt is a map. What a map reminds me of, are the things on my to do list that have gotten shoved aside with the madness of my last 15 months. It reminds me of bittersweet trips I’ve taken, of trips I’ve missed, of unexpected trips, and the elusive trip. The number one thingContinue reading “A trip not taken”

48 in Nashville 

48 hours that is.  This post is pic heavy, so I’m going to (try to) keep the words to a minimum. It’ll be tough because I had so much fun and want to gush and gush. What a weekend! I’m in love, love, love… With Nashville!! Brother Normal and Mrs Normal go to music showsContinue reading “48 in Nashville “

I find it hard to get back on the blog after vacation and the subsequent cold that followed.  The cold was a small price to pay for an amazing vacation.  A week in New Orleans eating ourselves silly and watching lots of football.  We have a running list of restaurants we want to hit.  JustContinue reading

who (da hell is) dat?!

Enter earlier promised vacation rewind.  We’ve decided that our annual eat-drink-NOLA needs to be biannual.   Monday night the New Orleans Saints kicked the ass of the NY Giants.  and I got the pleasure of being there.  Thanks Brother for letting me invite myself to enjoy this.  Brother totally spoiled me by starting off theContinue reading “who (da hell is) dat?!”

Chef Donald Link Day

I’m out of order and I’ll catch y’all up sooner or later, but I’m kinda tipsy and high on life.  I met a culinary hero tonight and I’m just giddy! We had a lazy, slow morning because we stayed out way too late last night.  And this is where I’ll rewind to when I get backContinue reading “Chef Donald Link Day”

turkey day and a pecan field trip

I’ve been eating and drinking myself silly for 4 straight days.  When I get home I’ll be on a salt-free, sugar-free all veggie diet until my body finds some equilibrium.  Until then, there’s 3 more days of eating and drinking to be done. This parade of gluttony began with Red fish on the half shellContinue reading “turkey day and a pecan field trip”