Smile & the world smiles with you

I’ve driven past these gates countless times in the last three years, but something tonight caught my eye. I parked and walked back. Snapping away, I saw the big smiley. This is today and yesterday’s #365project #photoaday. These cotton ball clouds were the view on my way to work the other morning. One of theContinue reading “Smile & the world smiles with you”

coloring outside the lines

I have fallen behind here with my #photoaday but have been posting for the #365project.  To get caught up, I’m lumping them all together here. With the snow a too recent memory, I’ve been craving color and have been drawn to anything bright.  This evening’s sunset was brilliant.  As were the flowers and peppers atContinue reading “coloring outside the lines”

Thank Goodness…

Oh Happy Friday!! I’ve been sitting in a classroom for 4 weeks being talked at. You may recall my work rant awhile back that I didn’t get xyz at work. The Rolling Stones had it right. You get what you need and not necessarily what you want (clearly paraphrasing). It’s hard to see that sometimesContinue reading “Thank Goodness…”

weekly photo challenge: simple

This is the sky I saw Saturday morning when I left the house for my morning walk.  How simple, yet so beautiful.  This tree is in my yard and so often we overlook what we see in front of us every day! In keeping with the original challenge, this was taken with my iphone.  IContinue reading “weekly photo challenge: simple”