A punch in the head

A couple girlfriends and I threw a mac & cheese dinner party last night. We had 4 different mac & cheese dishes, wine, & punch. It all turned out quite tasty! And like every successful party, the fire department was peripherally involved. I’m sad to report the lobster mac did not survive. Clearly this meansContinue reading “A punch in the head”

Toast Tuesday: Concocting crafts and cocktails

I live next to one of the most amazing parks.  I walk out my front door and I’m in 120 acre wooded off leash dog heaven.  It’s where I dust off the cooties of the work day, find peace, and my sanity.  Coe and I spend a great deal of time in this park, dayContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Concocting crafts and cocktails”

Toast Tuesday: Toasting Life

In the new year, I am going to continue with Toast Tuesday, but with a twist. I am going to be toasting life. I will be trying new spirits, new cocktails, new recipes, new restaurants, meeting new people, and in short, trying all sorts of new stuff. It’s not like I have really ever hadContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Toasting Life”

Toast Tuesday: Props to the Elder(flower)s

This week we are exploring elderflower liqueur.  As our author starts off reminding us, there are so many fads that come and go, and so few that actually stay.  Elderflower liqueur is one of the few that took hold and has become known as the “bartender’s ketchup” because it will fix just about anything. ItContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Props to the Elder(flower)s”

Toast Tuesday: Pulque

Before there was beer, there was Pulque.  Week 19 in our Year of Drinking Adventurously finds up discussing a cousin of mezcal.  I glossed over mezcal last week in favor of tequila, but to play catch-up for a moment, mezcal is a spirit distilled from agave, like tequila, but tends to be earthier and smokierContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Pulque”

Toast Tuesday: Tequila

We all have that story.  You know, the one where we do shots of tequila and then end up ridiculously sick.  Mine was on my 21st birthday.  So was yours?!  It took me years to drink tequila again.  I was more scared of tequila than I was of whiskey… hmmm… maybe not… I am soContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Tequila”

Toast Tuesday: It’s not a fail, it’s a pass-over

This week I’m supposed to be telling you all about grappa, but a couple of things have stopped me. Number one of which is all the grappa I found locally was $60 a bottle. That just wasn’t in the budget this time, especially when our author states that the flavor profile can be somewhere betweenContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: It’s not a fail, it’s a pass-over”

Toast Tuesday: Soju

I’ve been in the blogosphere for almost 5 years and today I present you a first.  My first guest post.  Brother C has been drinking along with Meg and I.  We’ve been comparing drinks and swapping cocktails for ages.  Now with my lack of supply, and truthfully, lack of energy or time, I’ve strong armedContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Soju”

Toast Tuesday: Sake

I’ve had a wonderful week of sake.  The story, the process, and the different types are all too vast for me to summarize in any succinct manner.  I’ll just tell you, sake is yummy.  If you don’t believe me, I’ve got a room full of ladies that’ll tell you I changed some minds.  Our guide inContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Sake”

Thirsty Thursday goes Tiki

I hosted Happy Hour at home on Thursday for a bunch of ladies.   The evening was so much fun it has been decided this will be a yearly event, if not more often.  I had originally scheduled it during a bitter cold snap, but the day turned out so warm and lovely, we hadContinue reading “Thirsty Thursday goes Tiki”