Treasuring a sunny day gives you perspective

I’m playing catch up on my photo workshop.  Life got in the way.  Actually the little monster featured in the photos got in the way.   I don’t know what she did, or how she did it, but she got skewered by a stick.  I can only guess she fell, or jumped off, the balcony.Continue reading “Treasuring a sunny day gives you perspective”

Sleeping Monsters

This weekend for Photo 101, we were to experiment with composition.  I also played with my aperture settings.  All of these photos are unfiltered and unedited.   We had the most beautiful Sunday day and then the storms came back.  Coe is curled up under my legs hoping the thunder will stop.  Ginger Kitty isContinue reading “Sleeping Monsters”

it’s doggone lonely in here

With all the rain we’ve been having, neither Coe nor I were interested in another walk where we got soaked to the bone.  So we went to our local Lowes.  Did you know they are pet friendly?  That other big hardware store used to be, but then they got up a bug up their backside.Continue reading “it’s doggone lonely in here”

looking back at bliss

I leave for work when it’s dark.  When I get home it’s almost dark.  Tonight it is raining so hard, we are all concerned about getting washed away.  So, going out to take pictures is not high on my priority list. What does my bliss look like?! I really had to give this some thought.  IContinue reading “looking back at bliss”

all roads lead to… pizza

I’ve been trying to be so good lately.  I know after yesterday’s absinthe binder it’s hard to believe this.  But really, I’ve been having lots of smoothies, lots of fruit and veggies, and almost no refined sugar.  I don’t miss the sugar.  I enjoy the smoothies and I love fruits and veggies.  If I livedContinue reading “all roads lead to… pizza”

Home amongst the daffy-dils

Two years ago if someone had asked me what home looked like, I would have a very different answer. Since I moved to Memphis, I have met some wonderful people, but it doesn’t really feel like home. For the last year, each day has started and ended with a walk in the park with myContinue reading “Home amongst the daffy-dils”