A million miles

This sleeping pup’s paws have been on hikes, swims, chased frisbees and squirrels. She has been to 14 states & Canada. In her 16 years I think she’s put at least a million miles on these paws.  I love how the pads are different colors and how soft the fur around them is.  Since sheContinue reading “A million miles”

A restless mind

Dog at my feet Cat is her own master Light shines in from the street Dreams come slow, then a little faster. Breathing deep So close to sleep Dog snores ebb and flow Cat purrs while chasing shadows The day drifts in and out Building noises dance about My morning laughter lingers A scratch, aContinue reading “A restless mind”

Express yourself 

I’m not talking about expressing emotions or expressing one’s opinions. I am talking about expressing anal glands. Are you going to leave here today armed with the knowledge to express your pet’s anal glands? No. Your take away is I don’t have the slightest clue how to express an anal gland.  Why, oh why, wouldContinue reading “Express yourself “


I have been wanting to write for awhile, but finding what to say has been hard.  I hit a wall this past winter.  Too much life, too much work, too much bacon (what?!).  I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and fat.  I needed a break and I got it. I was off work for four monthsContinue reading “Habit”