Snowed in

We have been snowed in since Thursday evening.  While I was delighted to have a few days trapped indoors, the one who was the happiest about this situation was Ginger.  She has been curled by my side, snuggled into my sweater, and following me from room to room.  I am getting the impression she’d like me to be around a little more.  This is pretty funny since she is the quintessential cat and generally has little to no interest in me unless it involves my providing her sustenance.

Coe and I got out for a walk to the grocery and the park on Saturday.  Sunday’s outing lasted just long enough for us to slip around one block while dodging ice falling from the power lines and trees.  Ginger decided almost immediately that snow was something she never needed to encountered again.  I spent the days baking and watching the critters in the yard.  I had 6 or 8 robins playing and following me around at one point.

All hail Mother Nature for giving me a real three day weekend.  I have caught up on NCIS, Sherlock Series 2 and 3 , gobs of cooking shows, finished my taxes, and the giant pile to sort for Goodwill.  I also ran into the snow in my pajamas and slippers to rescue a very friendly but poorly trained pitbull running about in the street.  His human came running up just as I was about to throw him in the yard.  She had no leash and was going to drag him home by the collar.  He would have pulled her off her feet in no time.  I gave her one of our leashes and if we never see it again, it has gone to a good cause.

As much as I have enjoyed this down time, I’m almost willing to admit, I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  Ginger will survive as she normally does, curled up on the wool sweater I leave out just for her.

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9 thoughts on “Snowed in

  1. You love NCIS too huh? Great show. Well, sounds like you embraced being housebound for a few days. Forced your butt to stay put, and putter around the house. It’s all good, but totally understand being ready to get back out in the world. Margie


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