Treasuring a sunny day gives you perspective

I’m playing catch up on my photo workshop.  Life got in the way.  Actually the little monster featured in the photos got in the way.   I don’t know what she did, or how she did it, but she got skewered by a stick.  I can only guess she fell, or jumped off, the balcony.Continue reading “Treasuring a sunny day gives you perspective”

It’s all in your point of view

Ginger spends her days sunning herself on a tightrope 25 feet in the air.  Now and then, she makes my heart stop when she jumps off her perch on the railing to the ledge.  In my mind, I can see her missing her landing and going all the way to the ground.  At this veryContinue reading “It’s all in your point of view”

Sleeping Monsters

This weekend for Photo 101, we were to experiment with composition.  I also played with my aperture settings.  All of these photos are unfiltered and unedited.   We had the most beautiful Sunday day and then the storms came back.  Coe is curled up under my legs hoping the thunder will stop.  Ginger Kitty isContinue reading “Sleeping Monsters”

Blooms in a drizzle

Good Monday Morning to you all.  I have no wit or wisdom or tale of woe to share this morning.  I’m so tired I can barely focus.  I did get out for a lovely walk Sunday morning and caught a bunch of flowers getting a bath in the summer rain we had. Have a goodContinue reading “Blooms in a drizzle”

workplace win

I am a drone in an invisible sea of drones.  I’m perfectly happy being invisible and getting my work done and being left alone to do it.  Evidently I do something right because people come to me and ask me how to do xyz or abc.  I find that pretty flattering, but also a littleContinue reading “workplace win”

Good Green Day

In honor of St Paddy’s Day, I will celebrate my favorite color as I saw it around town this week. Nothing makes me happier than daffy-dills.  Well, bacon is a very close second. Kate Spade is a genius.  How I love her so… My dream car is a 64 1/2 Mustang.  I won’t own oneContinue reading “Good Green Day”