Solo Adventures

I’m part of a fb group for women solo travelers. Most of what is posted is all about far off adventures and leaving their own continent. While that’s awesome, getting out in your own backyard can be just as fun and beneficial for the soul. This is just a few of the things I did,Continue reading “Solo Adventures”

A million miles

This sleeping pup’s paws have been on hikes, swims, chased frisbees and squirrels. She has been to 14 states & Canada. In her 16 years I think she’s put at least a million miles on these paws.  I love how the pads are different colors and how soft the fur around them is.  Since sheContinue reading “A million miles”

A trip not taken

  Today’s prompt is a map. What a map reminds me of, are the things on my to do list that have gotten shoved aside with the madness of my last 15 months. It reminds me of bittersweet trips I’ve taken, of trips I’ve missed, of unexpected trips, and the elusive trip. The number one thingContinue reading “A trip not taken”

Heaps o’ praise

I spent Sunday morning sitting in my big chair, sipping coffee, surfing the web, reading blogs, and cleaning out my inbox. I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been writing more lately. I love my friends who send texts and emails to reply to my blog posts. They’ve been quite complimentary (she blushes).  Additionally, I have foundContinue reading “Heaps o’ praise”

around the world and back again

I was in such a hurry to leave the south all those years ago.  I almost forgot why.  When I came back, I thought I was coming to a city with some character and culture, and not just another small town like the one I left behind. The palates here are unrefined.  The vision is narrow.Continue reading “around the world and back again”

Posting from another planet

I’m traveling today. Flying from cold, very wet P-town to warmer, sunnier places. Living in the Pacific NW, we kinda forget there’s so much more world out here. A little layover in Dallas was quite a reminder. I saw more makeup on one woman than I wear in a year. I saw hair so bigContinue reading “Posting from another planet”