I guess you’ll do…

Ginger Kitty was a street walker for the first year and a half of her life. I found her by accident in the window of a pet food store on view for adoption. I was halfheartedly looking for a cat to adopt, but didn’t even see her in their window when I wandered into the store. I’m a sucker for an orange tabby.

She was thin and shy. Very wary and not at all affectionate, but there was something about her that struck me.

This was a few years ago now. She’s still wary and not terribly affectionate, and many days I’m not entirely positive she likes me. But she’s a funny kitty.

She was such an incredible sport about the move across the country. Really, until we broke down, she was pretty happy. After that, she started expressing dissatisfaction, but was amazingly tolerant of the whole process.


Moves within moves and different situations have really tested her. Each making her appreciate the life I offer her more and more. When I travel she is downright affectionate upon my return. Just one more reason to travel.

When life throws us a curve ball, she manages to let me know that she more than tolerates me.  When I’ve been sick, she has curled up with me for hours, when normally she sleeps in another room.  As we are boxing and moving, we are all a more than a little stressed out.  Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I went and found her in another room, carried her back to bed with me, and let the purr-box help me relax.  The amazing thing is she stayed with me, most times this will last about a 2-4 minutes.  This night, she settled in on my chest, and stayed with me for 2 hours, until Coe made us go out.

As I sit an write, she is curled up with me again.  She know when her mama needs a little extra love.


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