The stories this place could tell…

I was just on my way to the botanic garden and made a wrong turn. I found some creepy old abandoned apartment. It looks like it may have been at school at one point. I have enough sense to not stick around creepy places like this in Memphis, but I’d love to get some folksContinue reading “The stories this place could tell…”

a splash of color

After looking at nothing but white snow and ice for the last week, I’m in need of some color.  While getting out to some shops, the bright displays drew me in.  When I got to work this morning, I found a pretty bag of baby bell peppers.  The pink flamingo on my patio joins meContinue reading “a splash of color”

one of those days

It was 50 degrees when I got up this morning with a high of 60.  Tomorrow evening we are supposed to get back down to the 20’s with another winter storm coming in.  My downstairs neighbor keeps their apartment so warm, I had to turn on my air conditioning today!  And my office is… I’veContinue reading “one of those days”

Beautiful Burlesque

I went to a Burlesque Brunch on Sunday. It was sexy, saucy, and fun. These women boldly danced and sashayed. While some were intentionally funny, they still displayed their femininity.  You’ve never seen so much glitter! While I did not intend to have her face blocked when I took the shot, I love how itContinue reading “Beautiful Burlesque”

I heart winter

I really do love winter, but I am over- so over– this bitter freeze.  This afternoon it got up to 40 and you’d think it were spring.  People were wearing shorts and the park was full.  There was still ice everywhere.  I even saw a guy ice skating.  This is not normal for this partContinue reading “I heart winter”

someone forgot to pay the ‘lectric bill

I grew up four hours south of where I’m living now and I can recall one winter that was really, really cold.  When I moved back from the Pacific NW, I got rid of ski suits, wool army pants, and anything that would be needed in the arctic. Big mistake. Big. Huge.#365project #photoaday #livingthecoldlife