the love of a pet

I have a coworker who is afraid of animals. She’s in a wheelchair and her mother is encouraging her to get a service dog. The problem is she is terrified of dogs. Not just dogs, but cats. Really animals of any kind send her into a panic attack.

Having had pets of all sizes as long as I can remember, this is unfathomable to me. My kids bring me such joy and hours of entertainment. They also drive me batshit crazy at times, but that is so hugely outweighed by their unconditional love.

Ginger does this adorable rotisserie thing in front of the fireplace in the winter that always makes me giggle. It’s no wonder so many of us get sucked into hours of silly pet videos on YouTube.

These photos have been posted before and that alone demonstrates how much I enjoy these guys.  I have almost more pictures of them than I do food.


This is now the awesome rotisserie kitty.

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