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I’m terrible at the selfie.  I was recently on a flight and the woman across the isle from spent a majority of the trip taking pictures of herself.  I really wanted to rip the phone out of her hand.  Good grief- you can’t change that much in the span of a 45 minute flight- no matter how many times you fluff your hair!

Most of my “selfies” are my feet, hands, hair or pajamas.  But this week’s challenge has forced me to dig through my files to find a few that I can tolerate sharing with the world.


Coe does this cute thing where she roots her head, snuggles and talks to me. This picture doesn’t do justice to how cute this action really is.


pretty toes in the sunshine


Ginger savoring mama’s lap


snuggling with the visiting kitten


enjoying a margarita after some yard work


Coe making sure I’m well looked after

and updated to add one from today…


after a snowy journey to the grocery store