Thank Goodness…

Oh Happy Friday!!

I’ve been sitting in a classroom for 4 weeks being talked at. You may recall my work rant awhile back that I didn’t get xyz at work. The Rolling Stones had it right. You get what you need and not necessarily what you want (clearly paraphrasing). It’s hard to see that sometimes they aren’t the same thing. After week 2 of this class, I was really questioning whether I wanted xyz. Now after some practical application, I’m still unsure, but feel a teeny bit better.


I really try to be a glass half full kinda gal. So this class has been a test of my good humor. We had 3 instructors who rotated. One talked so loud it bordered on yelling. If someone asked a question she didn’t want to answer or had already been asked, she talked louder and faster. Another instructor is super smart, so smart that he’d go off on these random technical tangents and lose everyone who had been moderately following along. The third, was fairly well balanced, engaging and informative without talking down.


Mr Super Smart has been our coach and go-to guy since we’ve been out of the classroom. And now that he’s allowed to go a little more off script, he’s a great coach. Answers questions so you can understand what needs to be done and isn’t condescending in the slightest.  Hope of understanding this new stuff is still yet a mere pin-prick…


The summer seems to be lingering and fading at the same time.  I hate waking up and leaving home while it’s still dark.  I swear just a week ago I was wearing my sunglasses on my way in!  Now I get home and have what feels like mere minutes of daylight left… sigh…


With my “school schedule” I’ve not gotten my long lunch walks.  They’ve turned into walks in the office building garden.  Not nearly as satisfying as walking along the river or meandering through town, but almost as interesting.  With being talked at all day and staring at a computer, my brain has turned to mush.  All the creativity I felt I had drained out my ears while I slept dreaming about nonsense work, formulas, forms, rules, rum running, the roaring 20’s and home repairs.


I saw my first fall leaf this morning, and as of tomorrow, fall is really here.  I’m not quite ready, but with a new season comes new ideas, new projects, and new colors.

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