Smile & the world smiles with you

I’ve driven past these gates countless times in the last three years, but something tonight caught my eye. I parked and walked back. Snapping away, I saw the big smiley. This is today and yesterday’s #365project #photoaday. These cotton ball clouds were the view on my way to work the other morning. One of theContinue reading “Smile & the world smiles with you”

What defines you?

In college I studied English and art; the things that made me happy.  I am still the English and art major at heart.  It is still the written word that brings me joy.  The use of language to tell a story and transport you to another place.   A splash of color, a glistening dewdrop,Continue reading “What defines you?”

Happiness Rocks!

I think I’ve mentioned before we have no idea how it impacts others when we show a little simple kindness in some unexpected way.  I know I have memories that I feel quite certain others would have no recollection of. Another happiness project has been lurking in the back of my mind. This one has nothing toContinue reading “Happiness Rocks!”