A restless mind

Dog at my feet Cat is her own master Light shines in from the street Dreams come slow, then a little faster. Breathing deep So close to sleep Dog snores ebb and flow Cat purrs while chasing shadows The day drifts in and out Building noises dance about My morning laughter lingers A scratch, aContinue reading “A restless mind”

Thank Goodness…

Oh Happy Friday!! I’ve been sitting in a classroom for 4 weeks being talked at. You may recall my work rant awhile back that I didn’t get xyz at work. The Rolling Stones had it right. You get what you need and not necessarily what you want (clearly paraphrasing). It’s hard to see that sometimesContinue reading “Thank Goodness…”

those mad, mad martinis

I’m sure you’ve heard Mad Men is back.  What can be more fun than watching handsome men in suits drinking martinis? I’ll tell you honestly, I enjoy Mad Men, but it affects my dreams.  Season 4 was so dark.  I think it all hits a little too close to home for me.  I have aContinue reading “those mad, mad martinis”