I find it hard to get back on the blog after vacation and the subsequent cold that followed.  The cold was a small price to pay for an amazing vacation.  A week in New Orleans eating ourselves silly and watching lots of football.  We have a running list of restaurants we want to hit.  Just to name a few we visited Sobou (crazy small world story, ran into a guy I know from Portland sitting at the table next to us), Pesche, Palace Cafe, Cafe Amelie, and Butcher.  I wasn’t kidding when I said we ate ourselves silly.

I even met Archie Manning- what a lovely man!

Archie & Archie Joe

I’ve been having fun in the kitchen.  For my birthday, I had a few friends over for a simple dinner and I made an incredible lasagna inspired by the Pioneer Woman.  I say inspired, because the resulting lasagna was only slightly reminiscent of her original recipe.   I was off work for Martin Luther King, Jr day and cooked up  a storm.  I made chicken broth.  With that broth, I made chicken tortilla soup and wild rice soup (with my pulled pork instead of ham).  I’ve baked up several batches of banana nut muffins trying to use up all the bananas I’ve thrown in the freezer over the last few months.

banana nut muffins

While writing this up, I realized I have taken so few pictures lately, both on vacation and in the kitchen.  I can’t believe I didn’t take any of the lasagna because it was awesome.  This had been my second time making it and I’ll make it again for sure.

Now that the holidays are over and the new year has settled in, I’m regaining my balance.  My whirlwind day in the kitchen Monday helped quite a bit with that.  Hope your new year is off to a tasty start as well!

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  1. Lula, you have inspired me to get my ass off the couch (just drove in from northern Michigan) and get something good from the pantry, fridge, cupboard….wherethehellever! Glad you had a blast in New Orleans. We have been many times. Just tell me you had a muffaletta sandwich from Central Grocery and beignets from Cafe Beignet. If not, next time! Happy 2014 chickie! Margie


    1. We didn’t make it to Central Gro this visit but have so many times before that it’s burned into my taste buds! Line for beignets were insane everywhere. Folks there for new year’s who had never been before weren’t worth the line.

      And I know you and you don’t sit on the couch. I know you are always a gal on the go!


  2. Wow, these muffins look yummy! I went to Brown Eyed Baker’s web page and printed the recipe. I have the whole week off work (I know, I just came back, but it is use-or-lose time). I have spent the week dealing with my wrecked car. It has been totaled, didn’t take much given it is 12 years old. Driving the truck until I am able to replace the car, but it is hard to get into it without a step-stool! And of course, it drives like a tank in comparison. The Credit Union is having a sale February 3 – 5th and I am hoping to buy a new car then. I can hardly wait!


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