WPC: (Extra)ordinary

Last year my mother dragged (really, almost kicking and screaming-dragged) me on a cruise.  Not a sit in the sun and see amazing new tropical countries kind of cruise, but a boat full of really old people kind of cruise.  I had the BEST time!!  We were celebrating her 80th birthday and this was on herContinue reading “WPC: (Extra)ordinary”

Growing Pains

There are moments in life that make us more aware than ever we are a full fledged responsible adult. I hate those moments. I’ve droned on about my single life and I do not mind being single. Actually, it’s not being single that I mind. What I mind is being responsible for everything. It breaks,Continue reading “Growing Pains”

the angst of commitment

I know things about myself and I can embrace them.  I’ve shared before that dating is a serious mystery to me.  The bond that people want to form is not always something I embrace.  I know this about myself and I try to work around this self-made obstacle. But, today’s commitment crisis is not oneContinue reading “the angst of commitment”