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  Today’s prompt is a map. What a map reminds me of, are the things on my to do list that have gotten shoved aside with the madness of my last 15 months. It reminds me of bittersweet trips I’ve taken, of trips I’ve missed, of unexpected trips, and the elusive trip.

The number one thing on my to do list that I’m embarrassed to say is… I need to renew my passport. And lately this one just glares at me daily. I can tell you there have been other expenses that have been more important at the time, I’ve filled out the forms and they sat on my desk gathering dust because I haven’t gotten a haircut, or I didn’t have a stamp, or some other excuse.

On the dating website, there are a series of questions to answer. Some seem rather innocuous and others are embarrassingly revealing. But the one I cannot bring myself to answer, until I can answer it the way I want, is: Do you have a current passport?

This may sound kinda snobby, and a little telling about me, but I cannot believe I haven’t left the country in 10 *TEN* years. I miss the exploration of different cultures, dishes, views, and histories. I’ve been traveling and exploring our own country, but it just isn’t the same. I think most folks who have travelled abroad will agree with that.

To do… ASAP… Renew passport. Actually I’m having a good hair day and my outfit looks very nice. I’m going to stop and have my passport photo taken today.

Dorky selfie 😏