who (da hell is) dat?!

Enter earlier promised vacation rewind.  We’ve decided that our annual eat-drink-NOLA needs to be biannual.  

Monday night the New Orleans Saints kicked the ass of the NY Giants.  and I got the pleasure of being there.  Thanks Brother for letting me invite myself to enjoy this.  Brother totally spoiled me by starting off the evening with dinner in the stadium and a walk on the field.  We got to see the ESPN guys doing pregame interviews and eat the cutest football cookies.

Things got really interesting when we got to our box.  The box next door is a visitors box.  So, they never know who’s going to be next door.  This fine evening our neighbors are the owner’s of the Giants.  While this in itself is an interesting nugget.  It got really exciting when their guests showed up.

Jason Sudeikis is at the top of the picture with Zach.  All very nice guys.  It’s just a darn shame that we had someone in our box who was so annoying and ran them off.

So, WHO DAT!  What a great night!  I’m not sure it could have been any better.  Thank you Brother and the Normal family for an always awesome eat-drink-nola 2011!

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4 thoughts on “who (da hell is) dat?!

  1. I LOVE the Saints! When we were there a few years ago, I had lunch on the 50 yard line of the Stadium! It was awesome and so was our week in NOLA! Have an oyster at ACME for me while you’re there! 🙂
    P.S. Love the blog!


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