turkey day and a pecan field trip

I’ve been eating and drinking myself silly for 4 straight days.  When I get home I’ll be on a salt-free, sugar-free all veggie diet until my body finds some equilibrium.  Until then, there’s 3 more days of eating and drinking to be done.

This parade of gluttony began with Red fish on the half shell with haricot vert wrapped with prosciutto.  All praise the green egg!

Turkey day included smoked turkey, cajun fried chicken, pecan pound cake, and pumpkin cheese cake. Oh My.  I ate til I hurt myself .  But it was all so yummy.  Have I mentioned before I plan vacations based on what I’ll  be eating and drinking?  I’m not going to be sky diving, I’ll be putting my life at risk in a different way.  How much fat and cholesterol can I consume in a week?

I left the “Normal” family and headed to spend a few days with my “Mutha”.  (For those of you that need a translator, that’s Mother in Southern).  She had a laundry list of people I needed to see, many of whom I hadn’t seen in 20+ years.  Now, how do I know this person and why do I need to see them?  Oh well, that’s part of the pilgrimage.  I can do this every few years.

One of the best parts of the trip came Saturday afternoon when we went up into the Delta to visit more family.  Uncle is a farmer.  The pecans started with a few trees and has now grown to 450 acres.  This was quite an operation!

each of these bags holds 1800- 1900 POUNDS of pecans!

Each one of these bags weigh 1800 -1900 POUNDS!

That’s A LOT of pecans!

I’m thankful for many things.  I begin most days with counting my blessings, so I don’t feel the need to do it on this day that Hallmark says I’m supposed to.  But I’m thankful for:
my Normal family
the supportive family I have (Normal and not)
all of the wine that keeps us sane
the furry friends that make sure we know we are loved
the good grub we get to eat
and that my teams won (and yours didn’t)

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7 thoughts on “turkey day and a pecan field trip

  1. It’s so nice to be referred to as “Normal”. We’re thankful for our west coast girl! (and the wine, and the furry friends, and the GRUB, for sure).


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