Toast Tuesday: New Orleans style Barbeque Shrimp

When I was a kid, my favorite foods were mac and cheese and shrimp scampi. The first time I was served scampi with the heads on, I didn’t eat shrimp for a year. I was a little horrified Fast forward a few years and a trip to New Orleans. We went to Pascal Manale’s, homeContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: New Orleans style Barbeque Shrimp”

Toast Tuesday: Ginger Beer

I’m going slightly off book this week in our Year of Drinking Adventurously.  I did not even crack the book, but will be revisiting this topic in the next few weeks. I just got back from an awesome eat-a-thon trip to New Orleans. One of the members of our party, had never been with usContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Ginger Beer”

who (da hell is) dat?!

Enter earlier promised vacation rewind.  We’ve decided that our annual eat-drink-NOLA needs to be biannual.   Monday night the New Orleans Saints kicked the ass of the NY Giants.  and I got the pleasure of being there.  Thanks Brother for letting me invite myself to enjoy this.  Brother totally spoiled me by starting off theContinue reading “who (da hell is) dat?!”

Chef Donald Link Day

I’m out of order and I’ll catch y’all up sooner or later, but I’m kinda tipsy and high on life.  I met a culinary hero tonight and I’m just giddy! We had a lazy, slow morning because we stayed out way too late last night.  And this is where I’ll rewind to when I get backContinue reading “Chef Donald Link Day”