Chef Donald Link Day

I’m out of order and I’ll catch y’all up sooner or later, but I’m kinda tipsy and high on life.  I met a culinary hero tonight and I’m just giddy! We had a lazy, slow morning because we stayed out way too late last night.  And this is where I’ll rewind to when I get backContinue reading “Chef Donald Link Day”

Breakfast and BACON

This morning I was  awoken by Coe scratching and falling off the bed!  She was so shaken up and I was trying so hard not to laugh!  She’s such a sensitive flower. It was already destined to be an early morning since I was picking Christa up at the airport.  From there we headed toContinue reading “Breakfast and BACON”

what are you reading?

I am constantly reading.  Blogs.  Cookbooks.  Murder mysteries.  Suspense. I love the library.  As I’m reading through different food blogs and someone mentions a great book they are reading I put it on my library list. Today I picked up a few yummy nuggets. Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn Complete Book of PorkContinue reading “what are you reading?”