Toast Tuesday: Giving Thanks for Good Booze

This is the week in the United States where we celebrate eating ourselves silly and marathon shopping.  This was not the original intent of the holiday of Thanksgiving.  As the name suggests, we should be giving thanks for all the bounty of goodness we have in our lives. I have mentioned before what a roughContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Giving Thanks for Good Booze”

Let There be Light!

This year Thanksgiving fell during Hanukkah.  I celebrated with friends playing dreidel and assembling lego’s. I love lighting the menorah each night and I always have to take some pictures.  For this week’s photo challenge of Let There be Light!, I didn’t have to look to far to find something to post. I have oneContinue reading “Let There be Light!”

turkey day and a pecan field trip

I’ve been eating and drinking myself silly for 4 straight days.  When I get home I’ll be on a salt-free, sugar-free all veggie diet until my body finds some equilibrium.  Until then, there’s 3 more days of eating and drinking to be done. This parade of gluttony began with Red fish on the half shellContinue reading “turkey day and a pecan field trip”