What are you thinking?!

Dear fellas on ridiculous dating site… Gentlemen this question is purely out of curiosity and scientific study… There will be no judgment in your answers, but I would genuinely like someone to reply to my query. I’ve noticed that some of you fiddle with your profile and your answers to increase your match percentage. DoContinue reading “What are you thinking?!”

Summer lovin’….

Summer bachelors, like summer breezes, are never as cool as they pretend to be. -Nora Ephron   I’ve recently signed up for an online dating site. Wow. These boys are not a very creative lot. Complimentary, but not creative.       A friend once told me that my profile needs to be a salesContinue reading “Summer lovin’….”

the possibility of romance…

I did sorta sign up for a dating website.  Sorta meaning I haven’t created a profile, so I’m not sure if anyone can actually see what I have put up.  and I haven’t really looked too much. Since I created this sorta profile, a real live fella asked me out.  We met at the distillery.Continue reading “the possibility of romance…”

Lula needs ideas

I’m thinking of giving online dating another try. I know, shoot me, please. But the old fashioned way isn’t working. There are so many things about online dating that I dislike, but this dry spell must end. So, dear friends I am calling on your creative juices. I need a sarcastic and catchy nom deContinue reading “Lula needs ideas”

desperately seeking NOT married

Boys are stupid. I swear the penis gene makes you an idiot. Why is it a woman can’t be friendly to a man without the assumption of interest? I am a friendly person. I am outgoing and generous. But why do they assume because I’m nice and extend a hand of friendship that means IContinue reading “desperately seeking NOT married”

what a load of…

as if dating isn’t hard enough, online dating really sucks.  You go into it knowing this is a beauty pageant.  you don’t really seek out the strangest looking person and think– oooh, that’s the one for me.  you really hope to meet some real person with whom you can have a real conversation. what IContinue reading “what a load of…”

I know just how this guy feels…

Anyone who has ever signed up for online dating has thought this.   Thanks to sis-in-law for this awesome and most apt comic after Bambi. The funny thing is, with everyone blogging, facebooking, tweeting, checking in… we (as a society) think nothing of people taking pictures of everything.  So, as ABSURD as this comic seems,Continue reading “I know just how this guy feels…”

Bambi and Dating

Bambi grew up with his forest friends helping him through life. Eventually he finds Faline. I do hope that someday I’ll find a nice fella that isn’t psycho, overly emotional, broke, clingy, needy, bi-sexual, hairy, just out of his only relationship, allergic to air, doesn’t drink, is a vegetarian, has (or wants) a passel ofContinue reading “Bambi and Dating”