Growing Pains

There are moments in life that make us more aware than ever we are a full fledged responsible adult. I hate those moments. I’ve droned on about my single life and I do not mind being single. Actually, it’s not being single that I mind. What I mind is being responsible for everything. It breaks,Continue reading “Growing Pains”

the possibility of romance…

I did sorta sign up for a dating website.  Sorta meaning I haven’t created a profile, so I’m not sure if anyone can actually see what I have put up.  and I haven’t really looked too much. Since I created this sorta profile, a real live fella asked me out.  We met at the distillery.Continue reading “the possibility of romance…”

Lula needs ideas

I’m thinking of giving online dating another try. I know, shoot me, please. But the old fashioned way isn’t working. There are so many things about online dating that I dislike, but this dry spell must end. So, dear friends I am calling on your creative juices. I need a sarcastic and catchy nom deContinue reading “Lula needs ideas”