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as if dating isn’t hard enough, online dating really sucks.  You go into it knowing this is a beauty pageant.  you don’t really seek out the strangest looking person and think– oooh, that’s the one for me.  you really hope to meet some real person with whom you can have a real conversation.

what I hate is that the online site has just made me feel like an even bigger piece of meat.  this is a copy of an actual email I recently received (click to make it much bigger so you can actually read it):

I’m sure some geek will tell me this is generated by some algorithm and that they really are NOT sending me a pack of poor, ugly losers until I have proven my online worth.  REALLY?!  

It’s a good thing I have a healthy self-esteem.  Otherwise this may have really hurt my feelings.  I have a co-worker who every day (and I am not exaggerating in the slightest) has to tell me someone told her she was pretty.  Now I have a computer telling me I’m pretty (well, HOT to be exact) so should I run off and brag about that? (FYI- this was rhetorical just in case you were thinking you should answer this)

But what I do want to know is how is a nice jewish girl supposed to meet someone when even the dating deck is stacked?  I really just want to meet some nice fella the old-fashioned way- reaching for the same bunch of asparagus at New Seasons.  I’m holding out hope that this is a possibility; that not all the good ones are skulking around the world-wide whatever.