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Boys are stupid. I swear the penis gene makes you an idiot.

Why is it a woman can’t be friendly to a man without the assumption of interest? I am a friendly person. I am outgoing and generous. But why do they assume because I’m nice and extend a hand of friendship that means I want to pursue a sexual relationship?!

Why is it I can’t get a date with an available man I’m interested in?  But if you have a wife at home then I’m hot shit? Grass is always greener. Enjoy the grass in your own damn pasture instead of looking to jump the fence.

I am not going to post a marriage proposal for any random nutter here or on Craigslist. I’m not going to send you nudie shots and if you send them to me, be assured, I won’t speak to you again.

Where the hell can a nice normal girl find a normal, slightly sarcastic guy?  I’d prefer to meet one in the wild, in their natural habitat and not on some stupid website.  I really think I look funny in pictures.  And as picky as I am, I feel the judgement bounce right back to me.  I do much better in person.

Now, if only I could run into the cute guy I smiled with in the elevator again…