These boots were made for…

So I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for Match.

I had been on Match a few years ago and went out on a few dates with little more than a few good stories to tell. So, to sign up for the same site, I was a little concerned I might accidentally pick someone I’d vetoed in the past.

One of the dates I’d been on before had ended quite… Interesting… To put it succinctly, he walked out. Fast forward to just a few days ago, HE showed up in my inbox as their “special match”. I knew immediately and deleted. He clearly had blocked the memory because when I showed up in his box, he picked me.

I don’t lie or exaggerate in my profile, I’m sarcastic, and if you have a problem with that, then you need to move along. Well, some good natured ribbing and he got up paid his portion of the tab, walked the server over informing her I needed my bill, and he walked out. I was laughing my ass off!! I couldn’t wait to pick up the phone and share this good gafaw. What a tool!!

So, not only does he have the exact same profile picture he did 2 years ago, he has the exact same profile text. Really?! Nothing about you has changed in 2 YEARS?!!

One can hope this little adventure will net me a tad more than fodder for your reading pleasure.


Published by Lula Harp

I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

4 thoughts on “These boots were made for…

  1. He must be a Mormon boy! No one else would use the descriptor of “Reverent”. Most Mormon boys are members of the Boy Scouts from a young age, there are troups in every meeting hall. His 15 months in Italy were likely his mission posting in that country. Tell me, how was he dressed? I would have paid good money to be a fly on the wall for that meeting! ; )


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