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I did sorta sign up for a dating website.  Sorta meaning I haven’t created a profile, so I’m not sure if anyone can actually see what I have put up.  and I haven’t really looked too much.

Since I created this sorta profile, a real live fella asked me out.  We met at the distillery.  He’s been in a few times.  As a habit, I flirt indiscriminately, but with this fella I flirted intentionally.  I could never quite tell what his thoughts were.  That is until a few days ago, when he gave me his card, and a note asking if I’d like to grab a drink sometime.  I knew he had someone visiting (which is why he was in the distillery again).  When I got home I sent a text (cheater) saying we would connect after his guest left, but that I was interested in getting together.

We have now texted for a couple of days and I have a date scheduled with a real live boy.  I don’t normally like this texting before dating thing, but this time it feels kinda safe.  He’s seen me in my natural habitat, so he has some idea of me.  There’s nothing better than the euphoric high of the possibility of romance.  It’s when the reality hits that we are faced with real decisions of hurt feelings and disappointment.

fingers crossed…  there maybe another chapter here 😉