Heaps o’ praise

I spent Sunday morning sitting in my big chair, sipping coffee, surfing the web, reading blogs, and cleaning out my inbox. I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been writing more lately. I love my friends who send texts and emails to reply to my blog posts. They’ve been quite complimentary (she blushes).  Additionally, I have found a group of bloggers that offer support, commiserate, and give good feedback. In the cheerleader crowd I have a few friends who have graciously bestowed some lovely awards on me and I’ve been remiss in saying thank you.

I want to thank these folks for being such awesome cheerleaders and for saying such nice things. Part of accepting your award is you have to answer some questions. Since I’m running behind, I’m going to cherry pick questions from each of them.

the girl from Hoeville

If you were to choose between a two-way ticket to the moon or an unlimited air ticket to travel around the world, what would you choose?
no question about it… the unlimited air ticket around the world! see the next question
The five things in your bucket list that you already crossed out?
Traveled to Australia, traveled to Alaska, got a tattoo, New Years in Time Square….. and some other stuff that at the moment isn’t coming to me (at least until I hit publish)
Are you a lefty or a righty?
At the moment, I’m kinda both. This was never a goal or desire, but life’s circumstances has made it happen.


Mind and Life Matters

What was your choice of career when you were a kid?
I think it changed daily. At some point along the way I wanted to be a Rabbi, a police officer, a newscaster, and a veterinarian.
Your all-time favorite book or movie would be?
Books: Fool on the Hill and Tartine Bread
What according to you is a good day?
I always say this jokingly, but it is true… Every day above ground is a good day.


Invisible World Where Imagination Soars

Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever (Megan the Imaginative) nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night. That way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed.
I started my blog as a place to record my cooking foibles, recipes, and experiments. I needed a space that I would help clear my head and connect me with other creatives.

The advise I offer is be yourself. Write for you. Don’t censor yourself because you think Aunt May will be upset that you spilled the family beans.



What do you like most about the present situation?
My patio. It looks out onto the 120 acre park where Coe and I spend the better portion of our days
What is the role of gratitude in your life?
This is one of those things that each person has to come to in their own way. When we are children, our parents tell us to say Thank you and very often we don’t understand the Why. I have always thanked my employees for a job well done and thanked someone who served me in a restaurant. But until I broke my shoulder and really had to ask for help, gratitude was almost superficial… that isn’t the right word, but I hope you know what I mean. Now I can say it’s genuine and heartfelt. I am genuinely grateful for all I have in my life, my amazingly supportive friends and family, and the life I am still living and am able to live.
Has blogging enriched your life? How?
Blogging has connected me to another world. One I would never have found if I hadn’t started blogging. I have found all these great folks and so many more!


These awards are akin to a modern-day chain letter, you pass it on. And I would like to share the love with…

Liebster: Barking Back


Sunshine 1:  Dragons Rule OK


Sunshine 2:  Afthead



Blogger:  B’s Words



Here is my list of questions for my nominees:

  1. What are 6 things you couldn’t live without?
  2. What time of day do you do your best writing/work?
  3. Biscuit or scone?
  4. Favorite season?
  5. What are your thoughts on social media?
  6. Favorite way to end the day?
  7. Best trip?
  8. Would you eat at a restaurant that was really dirty if the food was amazing?
  9. How important is it to you to learn something new?
  10. Have you ever flipped a coin to make an important decision?


I will admit, I have sort of bastardized the “rules” and taken many liberties.  To those whom I’ve tossed the baton, please link to those that gave to me for all the official rules.  Or feel free to run wild as I have done 😉

Thanks to all my new friends who feed my creativity and thank you to all my old friends who give me entertaining things to write about XOXO

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9 thoughts on “Heaps o’ praise

    1. Brother and I were in New Orleans one time and he took me to some hole in the wall. Before we walked in, he warned me not to look to closely. If he hadn’t assured me how good their food was, I would have walked out. Then we sat next to a WALL of mayo. That really pushed me to the limit. But, damn… It was tasty

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      1. I have no idea what a “wall of mayo” is, but YUCK! That said, anything in New Orleans is good food to me. Yum! Thanks again for the nomination. I just wrote mine up. You made my day!

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