Posting from another planet

I’m traveling today. Flying from cold, very wet P-town to warmer, sunnier places.

Living in the Pacific NW, we kinda forget there’s so much more world out here. A little layover in Dallas was quite a reminder.

I saw more makeup on one woman than I wear in a year. I saw hair so big it needed it’s own zip code. A guy walked over and spit on (not in) a garbage can. And the topper was when I entered the gate waiting area for my connecting flight and I was consumed by perfume. You could see a cloud hovering it was so dense.

I gave up wearing perfume years ago because my body doesn’t hold it. Now I know I don’t need to wear any because there’s plenty of it in the air for all of us.

Happy travels and Happy Thanksgiving to y’all.

Published by Lula Harp

I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

6 thoughts on “Posting from another planet

  1. My dear, everything is BIG in Texas! I’ve been there and have a good friend in Houston. Hair, make-up, diamonds. Funny post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe trip! You’ll be glad to come back to your sweet Pacific Northwest is my guess, but it is so nice to get away.


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