Toast Tuesday: any Port in a storm

I really couldn’t muster it in me to try some new port this week. Seeing as this is an adventure, I decided I’ve ridden this ride and don’t need to get off at this stop. This is our official halfway point; I really should have planned a party or something.  This is week 26 inContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: any Port in a storm”

Toast Tuesday: Gin

I’m going to tell you honestly, I really didn’t read this chapter in the book. I just looked in my liquor closet and followed my tastebuds. I have three gins and a genever in my collection. When New Deal began making gin, I was certain I didn’t like gin. What I soon realized was IContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Gin”

Toast Tuesday: the ‘shining

I’m mooning over moonshine. I think this should be a country song if it isn’t already. This week in our Year of Drinking Adventurously, I may or may not have gotten my hands on some “moonshine” that may or may not be legal. A couple years ago at Thanksgiving we did a taste test betweenContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: the ‘shining”

Toast Tuesday: Canadian Whisky

I’ll confess, I wasn’t quite ready for Tuesday to roll around this week. Only because Tuesday is Monday and we know how we all feel about Mondays. This week, I had some Guinea pigs to toast with and taste this week’s spirit, Canadian Whisky. Following along with A Year of Drinking Adventurously, I made theContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Canadian Whisky”