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I’m mooning over moonshine. I think this should be a country song if it isn’t already.

This week in our Year of Drinking Adventurously, I may or may not have gotten my hands on some “moonshine” that may or may not be legal.

Our guide

Our guide

A couple years ago at Thanksgiving we did a taste test between a secret stash and some commercial “moonshine”. The clear winner that holiday was the real moonshine, in its unlabeled bottle. It has a sweetness on the nose that the commercial stuff didn’t. A nice finish, with a hint of smoke and warmth. It lingers on the back of your throat, leaving this hmmmm, something familiar, but unrecognizable.  The commercial stuff we tried, didn’t have any depth or complexity.  It just tasted like alcohol.

Back in January when the Normal’s and I went to Bluegrass Underground for the first time, I took a detour and found local Tenn South Distillery to visit.  This was a charming little distillery, off the beaten path, that was well worth the visit. I had the place to myself and got a tour in addition to a tasting.  I left with several great products including an aged gin, a Tennessee whiskey, and one of their moonshines.  They had all the flavored stuff, but I don’t care for those.  Their regular ole’ moonshine is quite nice and sip-able.  Next to my real ‘shine, the nose is a bit boozy, but it has a beautiful sweetness at the finish, like you can almost taste the corn.

I just sipped and savored this week, no cocktails.  Be sure to see what Meg did with this week’s challenge.

Since I couldn’t find a song, I came up with my own verse for
Mooning over Moonshine…

The moon was shining bright
it made me feel quite nice
a nip here and there
had me dancing on the square
I had to get home quicker
since I couldn’t find my knickers