Toast Tuesday: Props to the Elder(flower)s

This week we are exploring elderflower liqueur.  As our author starts off reminding us, there are so many fads that come and go, and so few that actually stay.  Elderflower liqueur is one of the few that took hold and has become known as the “bartender’s ketchup” because it will fix just about anything. ItContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Props to the Elder(flower)s”

Toast Tuesday: Sake

I’ve had a wonderful week of sake.  The story, the process, and the different types are all too vast for me to summarize in any succinct manner.  I’ll just tell you, sake is yummy.  If you don’t believe me, I’ve got a room full of ladies that’ll tell you I changed some minds.  Our guide inContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Sake”

home again, home again…

I am so far behind… I’ve got pictures and projects to post galore I sit and stare at a computer until I’m bored I’ve started a dozen posts before I can finish, I’m toast My brain has turned to mush My work is turning me into a lush How I miss my Lula Harp timeContinue reading “home again, home again…”


I just have to say… what the FUCK happened yesterday??  Really…  I don’t get that cosmic crap, retrograde whatnot (sorry CM).  but thursday was one of those days where I really question the universe. Myself and 3 other girlfriends had supremely crap-tacular days.  All completely random and not connected in the slightest, but horrible, IContinue reading “TGIF”