Toast Tuesday: No Filter

No Filter?!  Those who have spoken to me… ever… know I have no filter, but around here, I try to keep things kinda respectable.  Kinda, don’t be getting too excited. Week 39 in our Year of Drinking Adventurously is actually about coffee beer.  Coffee. Beer. Come on, it’s not as bad as all that, despiteContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: No Filter”

Toast Tuesday: Fruit Wine

I’ve taken some liberties with this week’s drink.  Our author has taken us on some crazy stops in this journey, like fortified wine in the heat of summer.  This week he got it in his head for us to drink blueberry wine from Maine.  One of the tiniest states in the union and some ridiculousContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Fruit Wine”

Toast Tuesday: trappist trappings 

There’s a first time for everything; I planned ahead for my drink of the week. I’ve created a calendar reminder that pops up a few days ahead to tell me what I’m supposed to drink each week. I applauded my brilliance when I recently stumbled upon a gem of a beer store and was ableContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: trappist trappings “

Toast Tuesday: The Force of Fernet

This is week 21 of our tour-de-booze.  I really thought 21 should have been the kamikaze, the Irish Car Bomb, or buttershots.  Something you drank when you were 21 and this was a reminder why you never did it again!  This week, though, was the grown up version of something I never need to repeat, butContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: The Force of Fernet”

Toast Tuesday: Pulque

Before there was beer, there was Pulque.  Week 19 in our Year of Drinking Adventurously finds up discussing a cousin of mezcal.  I glossed over mezcal last week in favor of tequila, but to play catch-up for a moment, mezcal is a spirit distilled from agave, like tequila, but tends to be earthier and smokierContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Pulque”

Toast Tuesday: Tequila

We all have that story.  You know, the one where we do shots of tequila and then end up ridiculously sick.  Mine was on my 21st birthday.  So was yours?!  It took me years to drink tequila again.  I was more scared of tequila than I was of whiskey… hmmm… maybe not… I am soContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Tequila”

Toast Tuesday: Pruno

Well, since I haven’t done anything too outlandish since that time I danced on the tabletop, got kicked out of the library for talking too loud, and squeezed every package of charmin on the toilet paper aisle, I do not have a prison pruno story to tell. Today, anyway…  No mother, I do not have any plansContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Pruno”

Toast Tuesday: Shochu

Surprisingly I found shochu in Memphis. I’ve taken to stopping and perusing almost every liquor store I pass in a decent neighborhood in hopes of finding hidden gems. I certainly did. I think the proprietor was wondering what in the hell I could be doing with the seemingly random assortment I left with. Just likeContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Shochu”

Toast Tuesday: Irish Whisky

I want y’all to click on that picture so you can get a better sense of what I am going to tell you.  That black speck on the left is Coe standing up to her belly in water.  From where she is standing to the road you see on the far right of this picture,Continue reading “Toast Tuesday: Irish Whisky”

Toast Tuesday: Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer

I’m just going to start out with telling you, I chose poorly this week.  I picked two terrible beers.  So today’s post will be about what not to drink. Since the last two weeks I have chosen very nice beers (here), both of which were bourbon barrel aged (and here), I thought I’d go lowContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer”