Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu

Toast Tuesday has snuck up on me again and this time I really am reporting a failure. No one in Memphis has heard of Huangjiu (sounds like wong-jo) and I did not have an unknown secret stash tucked in a closet. I looked in every liquor store I passed. I asked the one Chinese personContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu”

Toast Tuesday: Rye

In case you are just joining in, this year I am drinking more adventurously and following Jeff Cioletti’s book for 52 ways to get out of my comfort zone.  Since I blew my budget on week one, this time I just went with a sampling of cocktails featuring rye. I also learned a lesson withContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Rye”

Toast Tuesday: Scotch

It is no secret, I enjoy a good cocktail. Occasionally I enjoy sipping a good spirit on the rocks, but I really prefer the balanced ballet of flavors in a good mixed drink. In case you missed it, this is the kick off week for Toast Tuesday, my year in drinking as I work myContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Scotch”

Where to start…

One of my fabulous new girlfriends keeps asking me what I want to do for my birthday.  I genuinely have no idea how I want to celebrate the next year of my life. I’m not going to get all reflective here, but looking back I am noticing a pattern. I am seeing that life tendsContinue reading “Where to start…”

meet me for margaritas…

In my move to a new city, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a calling card, or personal “business” card. But really, what’s the point of a card? Everyone has smart phones and giving out your pertinents has become quick… assuming you have an initial conversation. While I’ve been trying to decide aboutContinue reading “meet me for margaritas…”

it’s Margarita weather!

The last few summers here in Oregon have been woefully inadequate.  I’m from a sun loving state, so I need a couple good months of sun to replenish my vitamin D.  This summer has been exactly what I needed!  We’ve had a marathon run of cool mornings that turn into gloriously hot afternoons.  I’ve beenContinue reading “it’s Margarita weather!”

Thirsty Thursday was Mortified

Giggly girl’s night went out on the town. After work, Christa and I headed to NW to kill time before meeting up with the other girls. We scored an incredible parking spot and now wondered what we’d do with this extra 45 minutes. What’s that? Used to be St Cupcake, looks like it might beContinue reading “Thirsty Thursday was Mortified”

lady lavender’s lovely libation

I raise a glass in honor of the bounty of summer my garden keeps bestowing on me and my 100th follower. I can’t recall which blogger I was reading lately who said we write these blogs for our readers and our followers.  I’ll agree somewhat.  I am delighted that 100 people out there follow meContinue reading “lady lavender’s lovely libation”

sage advice

I’ve mentioned before I talk to people all day long about the poor decisions they’ve made and how I’m supposed to fix them.  What happened to personal responsibility?!  Because you’ve dinked around and not taken care of xyz, you now want me to rush and expedite this because you need it yesterday.  Too bad, soContinue reading “sage advice”

thirsty thursday (on friday)

This week was Last Thursday on Alberta and the girls got together for a field trip. We began with what is an oldie, but a goody.  Mint/820 never fails to satisfy.  Their happy hour menu is small but well done.  Lamb burger and sweet potato fries is a sure fire hit.  I’m not sure IContinue reading “thirsty thursday (on friday)”