Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu

Toast Tuesday has snuck up on me again and this time I really am reporting a failure. No one in Memphis has heard of Huangjiu (sounds like wong-jo) and I did not have an unknown secret stash tucked in a closet. I looked in every liquor store I passed. I asked the one Chinese personContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Huangjiu”

Toast Tuesday: Baijiu

I’m going to confess, I was never a very good student.  I was terrible at getting homework assignments done, and I was terrible at the reading assignments.  Even now, I have a hard time reading a book someone recommends, because it feels like an assignment. I was going to tell you how this week was aContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Baijiu”

Toast Tuesday: Japanese Whisky

This week in The Year of Drinking Adventurously, I exercised some restraint and did not spend $100 on a bottle of Japanese Whisky.  My tiny kitchen runneth over with booze.   This week I found a small Japanese restaurant that stocked a Japanese whisky and went out to dinner. The book tell us Japanese whisky hasContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Japanese Whisky”

Toast Tuesday: Canadian Whisky

I’ll confess, I wasn’t quite ready for Tuesday to roll around this week. Only because Tuesday is Monday and we know how we all feel about Mondays. This week, I had some Guinea pigs to toast with and taste this week’s spirit, Canadian Whisky. Following along with A Year of Drinking Adventurously, I made theContinue reading “Toast Tuesday: Canadian Whisky”