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I’ve mentioned before I talk to people all day long about the poor decisions they’ve made and how I’m supposed to fix them.  What happened to personal responsibility?!  Because you’ve dinked around and not taken care of xyz, you now want me to rush and expedite this because you need it yesterday.  Too bad, so sad.  You should have done it right the first time.  (have I mentioned- I’m kinda mean)

Most days I can shake off the cooties assholes deposit on my desk.  But there are days like today where asshole after asshole leave a steaming pile of poo in their wake and eventually the stink is too great.

Actually, the bulk of my day was quite good.  It wasn’t until the last 2 hours it went to crap.  While I was on my bus ride home I kept thinking of the glorious cocktails I’d whip up when I got the chance.  That certainly helped things feel better.  But it got really good once I made my little concoction.

my overflowing sage- there’s a wine barrel under there

Once again, calling upon the goodness of my garden, I made a sage simple syrup.  I rough chopped about 1/2 cup fresh sage and add 1 cup each sugar and water. Brought this to a boil and reduced to a simmer for about 5 minutes.  I then let it rest for another 5 minutes (while I let Coe in) off the heat before I strained out the sage.

1 1/2z New Deal Vodka
1/2 Ginger Liqueur
1/2z fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2-1z sage simple syrup
dash Angostura bitters
Shake and pour over fresh ice into a rocks glass.

It could stand a touch of tweaking, but was pretty darn tasty.  I think once (if) summer shows up in Oregon and I start my soda experiments again, I’ll try a sage lemonade.  Until then, I’ll enjoy what the garden has to offer any way I can.

someone else out enjoying the garden