Thirsty Thursday was Mortified

Giggly girl’s night went out on the town. After work, Christa and I headed to NW to kill time before meeting up with the other girls. We scored an incredible parking spot and now wondered what we’d do with this extra 45 minutes.

What’s that? Used to be St Cupcake, looks like it might be a bar now. Perfect.

We wandered into Fish Sauce and were immediately taken with the decor and layout of the small space. On your right is a chalk drawn mural that looks like a 50’s cocktail scene and running down the length of the restaurant is a gorgeous community table. Over the table are mason jar lights and over the entrance to the kitchen are half pallets that have been hung as light fixtures. Upon closer inspection, I realized the wood paneling all over the restaurant is wood from old pallets. It’s brilliant and gorgeous!

We had planned on gathering then heading out for dinner before we went to Mortified, but decided to stay where we were since the menu looked great.

The happy hour menu had quite an offering, both of food and drink. I asked our bartender Jared for his pick between 2 and his recommendation was the Elephant Parade with tequila, sherry, and strawberry drinking vinegar. I’ve been enjoying drinking vinegars lately so I went with it. It was lovely and while I would never have put all these flavors together, they all worked well and was balanced with just a hint of vinegar tartness.

My friend Megan turned me onto sesame balls at our secret sushi joint, so I had to give these a try. It was what I was expecting, but not. Up to now all the mung bean paste I have had has been either brown or a dark purple. This was pale throughout and was mixed with a bit of coconut. Jared did some quizzing of the chef for us and advised us there are actually 3 different varieties of mung bean. Any which way, they were tasty and sweet.

After the first round, and one of the girl’s realizing this place was on her to-do list, we moved to the big table.

I ordered the other drink off the menu that caught my eye, the Green Lemon. A delightful blend of gin, rum, peach, lemon, and basil. A combination I’m going to have to play with now that New Deal has released a rum. I could have drank this all night!

We ordered a bunch of dishes to share. The salad rolls were salad rolls, nothing special there. But the corn on the cob with scallion oil and chili was quite good. We ordered the Kalbi, Korean short ribs, which we unanimously enjoyed. The Ga Hainan, chicken served with soy ginger garlic sauce, was the one dish we all agreed was skip-able. The one dish we didn’t order (and will have to go back for) because we were so full from the huge happy hour portions was the Bo Luc Lac, a huge plate of bites of filet mignon.

Off to Mortified. If this comes to your town, I recommend going. What an entertaining evening. A handful of folks regaling you with the horror stories and lessons learned from their youth as recorded in their personal journals, letters, poems, and in one case a horror movie. This gave me some good ideas for a future party.

Since I had gotten up so darn early, as usual, I faded early but couldn’t quite wind down when I got home. That was coupled with my house was over 80! After all the things I’ve been cramming in my head this week, this ecard was just too appropriate. Now how do I get this song out of my head 😉

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2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday was Mortified

  1. Are you still there? I’m coming over!!! Portland needs to hire you as their food and restaurant review critic…I swear they do. You are looking for a new vocation anyhow aren’t you? So that’s that!! Get crackin’ chickie! It’s your new calling!!! Xoxoxoxo, MQ


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