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In my move to a new city, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a calling card, or personal “business” card. But really, what’s the point of a card? Everyone has smart phones and giving out your pertinents has become quick… assuming you have an initial conversation.

While I’ve been trying to decide about whether or not to make a calling card, the next question is what to put on it. Since it’s a personal calling card and not related to business, what do I want to share? NPR has a series called Six Word Stories and so far my six word story only has four words. Eater. Drinker. Cooker. Crafter.

Though, since I’ve moved all done is the first two. Like my blog, I’ve sorta lost my voice and rhythm for the last two. I’m hoping that’s changing. I was recently motivated to make a fruity, frozen margarita. Something not normally in my repertoire, but when my cousin invited me for dinner, I offered that as my contribution in lieu of the frozen bucket of margarita she normally serves. I’m fairly certain she did NOT add tequila last time!!



I have a patio full of herbs and wanted to incorporate some into my margaritas. I made three variations, and after an hour of blending and sampling, I had pineapple basil, pineapple mango mint, and pineapple mango (no herbs for cousin). I froze them in 8 ounce mason jars; the perfect single serving. I’m delighted to say, she was quite tickled with the results and asked for the recipe. Since I didn’t measure and she doesn’t make anything from scratch, I didn’t feel to bad admitting I had no recipe to share.




While my six word story is ever evolving and I still haven’t decided what to do about a calling card, I have been inspired to make more cocktails with herbs. Friends are coming over this weekend for Thai basil cucumber martinis!