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A few months ago, I had the fortune (misfortune?) of getting some training at work.  Got to sit in a classroom for a month while someone spouted a bunch of gibberish at me.

I have a work little brother; we rib each other, talk trash, share gossip, and snarked (is that really a word) under our breath during that class.  He is a pen clicker, to which I would respond by taking his pens away.  He responded one day by dismantling something, I don’t recall what now.  But this thing he dismantled had a spring inside.  He stretched out that spring and made it into something fun.  We played with this thing for the next couple of weeks and it ended up at my desk after the class.  It hangs on my cabinet with a magnet and sometimes it comes down to work away stress.

Here’s my contribution to this week’s challenge: object


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Another coworker stopped by my desk today when I was snapping a few pictures today and gave me the most quizzical look.  Gotta love life in a cube farm.